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Come on board, and voyage with us to a new digital era. No stress, we’ll show you the ropes. Social media is recognised as a successful and effective marketing tool in its own right; an integral part of the modern marketing mix.

And who are we? A network of social media specialists and online marketing experts, we pride ourselves on being masters of our professions, and go by the name of the Social Media Pirates. Whether you’re already active on social media, or if it’s an uncharted territory for you, we’ll gladly steer you towards online success.

Social media is efficient, inexpensive, and above all: measurable! There is quite simply no better means of addressing your target audience more directly and authentically, than with social media.

Our services

Social Media Marketing

We’ll bring your social media presence up-to-date

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, a Blog – there’s a world of possibilities for digital communication – and we can put together the right mix for your company.


Online Advertising

Online advertising is one of our key strengths. From Facebook advertising campaigns to Google Adwords to Youtube advertising, we’ll provide you with affordable and effective advertising solutions.

Video Marketing

Time to visualise your corporate message!

Together with our accomplished photo and video team, we’ll give your product and/or company the perfect public persona.

Online Shop

Need an online shop?

As more and more users buy online, having an online shop is becoming increasingly important, especially for local businesses. We’ll build the right online shop for your business – at a fair price.


A Facebook Page acts as a key communications tool for social media marketing. We can support you from our agency HQ in Munich, both editorially and conceptually. Optimise your Facebook presence and benefit from our case studies: our agency looks after a wide variety of industries, and we’re happy to give you a complimentary consultation.

Use social media effectively for your company.

The Social Media Pirates established our Digital Agency 4.0, consisting of a network of young, ambitious social media specialists, and accomplished professionals with more than 25 years worth of experience under their belts – gained from agencies, corporations, TV and media companies.

It’s this unique mixture that sets us apart. From SoMe experts to PR professionals, marketing experts and video producers, you can rest assured that we, your pirates, have the right crew on board to guide you to success.

Social Media Marketing: the pros. Social Media Marketing

It’s economical

Stand out from the competition.

Used effectively – even with a small budget – you can achieve your goals.

Use small Facebook advertising budgets and see the results for yourself!

It’s measurable

Social media marketing is measurable! We’re here to advise you how you can track all your social media activities.

We’ll prove it!?

Let us develop the perfect social media advertising campaign for you, results guaranteed.