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On Page SEO

Your site might look pretty, but does it perform when it comes to search functionality? We’ll examine this question thoroughly, by putting the technology, user-friendliness, and content of your website to the test.

Our first step in on-page search engine optimisation is to put together an individual set of keywords and/or keyword combinations (“long tail” keywords), which we’ll select according to your business focus. To do this, we evaluate your competitors using various analysis tools, whilst at the same time checking the search volume of corresponding long tail keywords. Once your keyword set has been created, it serves as a basis to all further measures of on-page search engine optimisation.

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Off-Page SEO

You’ve probably heard of backlink purchasing and link exchange. For years, these questionably legal methods have been used in off page search engine optimisation. They’re considered a quick means of acquiring broad link profiles, which essentially improve your website’s ranking. As the algorithms of Google and other search engines have markedly improved over the years to uncover the use of these practises, such actions are now massively penalised. Regular updates to the Google algorithm, such as the Penguin Update, detect this violation, and stop and discipline this activity.

Instead of adopting the above approach, we instead turn our focus to strengthening the context and quality of external links to your website.

Although it takes much more time and perseverance to generate backlinks naturally, it guarantees you a quality link profile, for which search engines will reward you.