the Pirates




What started off as a small blog, grew – a lot. As a student, Max spent huge amounts of time researching various aspects of the media world: namely radio, TV and finally web, until one day, The Social Media Pirates came to life.

As founder and managing director, Max manages each and every aspect of the agency, and makes sure to personally involve himself in each client relationship.


Christian Schuster Socialmedia Piraten



Christian’s spent an impressive 27 years (and counting) on the road, as a TV and media producer. He’s well versed in what works for large and small broadcasters alike, and has numerous image and industrial films for household brands under his belt.

Brand driven, with serious agency know-how, Christian supports the Pirates with all things video, project management, and sales related.

Thomas Lang



Thomas’ professional background in marketing goes back to the early 90’s, which means he brings a unique insight into marketing know-how for the team, both on-and-offline.

As senior consultant, Thomas orchestrates marketing communication strategies to perfection, and can be depended on for his thorough attention to the overall vision of each project.


Creative Team

Jens Telegenkämper



Jens has been a brand consultant for over 20 years, earning his stripes with a variety of companies across many industries.

He funnels through the core concepts for the Pirates – after all, without a sail, a ship doesn’t get very far!

Emmanuel Amoako Jansen Visual Artist



After completing his marketing communications studies, Emmanuel earned a diploma in music management.

For the Pirates, he provides invaluable knowledge for the management and creation of all visual concepts.

ben Rudolf


First officer

„Form follows function – this has often been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, united in a spiritual unity” …and that’s why Ben takes care of graphics for the Pirates! He makes our customer hearts beat faster. At the end of the day, everything stands and falls with the design, and his role is crucial to the success of any campaign.

Analytics Team

Dave Chang



David has worked as a consultant data analyst since 2014. His portfolio includes several big data analytics projects, with companies such as E.ON, AutoScout24, Cimpress and Infineon.


Lauro Rosvaenge



Lauro earned his degree in business administration.  The Pirates consider him to be “the knowledge” when it comes to search engine optimisation tactics. Among his numerous responsibilities, Lauro develops perfect online shop solutions for our clients, and is a Magento expert


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