Online Advertising

We’ll distribute your content across all relevant online channels. With the appropriate advertising campaign, you’ll come closer to your company goals. Whether it’s Facebook advertising or Instagram Ads, we’re here to help.

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We specialise in Facebook advertising. Need more clicks on your website? Want to sell your product online? And measure it all? The Facebook Ad Manager allows for accurate target group definition according to your ideas. It’s a great way of collecting leads.

Got a lifestyle product? Maybe you want to put your restaurant on the map? Use Instagram as the right portal. We place your product on Instagram, and we’ll develop the right campaign for you.

Do you have a video product? Are you not quite generating the reach you want?

Let us place your product on Youtube, – cost-effectively – and get you the results you want.

Increase sales through social media advertising

Statistics show a forecast of global sales of social media advertising in the years 2015 to 2021. According to the Digital Market Outlook, global sales of mobile social media advertising in 2016 will be around 16.6 billion euros.

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Increase sales through social media advertising

Social Advertising

So-called “social tracking” can be used to create the right target groups for any economic sector. For example, Facebook’s Pixel can gather vast amounts of data, which can be utilised for future marketing activities. Even with a small budget, a marked success can be achieved.


  •  Minimal cost investment
  •  Accurate analysis possible möglich
  •  Target groups comparison
  • Fast, measurable success
  • Simultaneous customisation options possible
  •  Plannable