Facebook & Instagram Ads

Have you tried advertising on Facebook? If despite several attempts, you still haven’t achieved your desired results…

Let our advertising team help.

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Facebook Ads

Courtesy of Facebook Ads Manager, you can see for yourself our Pirate ads on the social network.

We’ve gathered a number of tips & tricks that we can pass on to you. Define the right audience through the Facebook Ads Manager and reach your marketing goals. 

Facebook Ads Manager
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Mobile Ads

Most social media users go online via their mobile device. So you need to make sure your ads, and especially your ad targeting, work on this platform.

Is your microsite responsive? Which operating systems do your users use? All this seemingly minor information can make a crucial difference when it comes to running a successful advertising campaign.

Different marketing goals

Much has happened since the beginning of the Display Manager. Today Facebook offers different display options for your advertising campaign.

We have the best display options for companies up our sleeves.

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Instagram Ads

Targeted advertising through Instagram? It’s possible.

No, we’re not talking about “dead accounts” or a “buy followers” approach. We’re talking about a geo-targeting approach of users, at a pivotal time. Take advantage of Instagram Ads and use them for your business

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