Social Media Reporting Tool

Social Media Reporting Tool


We searched long and hard for a reporting solution for our own online marketing activities. In the social media arena in particular, there is a wealth of reporting tools. Unfortunately, nothing really impressed us.
That led us to developing our own social media reporting tool, based on ABIS Cloud technology: the Pirate Reporting App.

The social media reporting dashboard tool abis

Social Media Reporting made easy with our Pirate Tool

Share knowledge and data with your teams

Our social media reporting tool makes it possible to mark different data points in the chart and then discuss them in an internal team chat function. This creates a common understanding of data and processes. With this newly generated knowledge, teams can work together better and in a more coordinated manner.

Automated data analysis

It is easy to set up professional reportings using predefined dashboard templates. This speeds up the implementation time of an fully scalable social media reporting and that at almost no cost. The Pirate Reporting App automatically merges all important data and KPIs from your social media channels to display on our compact and elegant dashboards.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

No more chasing after data reports. Gone are the days of complex e-mail processes, screenshots and complex Excel documents! With our Reporting Tool you can cover all social media channels. The setup runs automatically, saving her a lot of time and money. The following channels are integrated in our Pirate Social Media Reporting Tool: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Instagram.

The Pirate Social Media Reporting Tool streamlines all your social media channels. Social media reporting implemented practically and simply – You’re welcome!

Reporting for strategy optimisation

To clearly monitor the success of online marketing activities, our Pirate Social Media Reporting Tool provides a freely configurable dashboard function. Depending on the goal of your report, you can easily customize the dashboard according to your KPIs.

In addition, our chat function enables a quick and timely exchange between your analysts and the editorial staff. Improve your social media activities and save up to 3 hours per report!

  • Technology Partner

    Technology Partner

    DBI Analytics GmbH operates and develops a cloud analytics platform. ABIS is the first social intranet for smart data. Apps can be booked on the cloud platform ABIS for different analysis tasks. SMEs in particular can benefit from the innovative Cloud BI technology and develop their own apps quickly and easily.


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