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Let us show you how to handle a diverse range of social media channels correctly.

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Social Media Seminars

Are you aware of the importance of social media, but don’t want to outsource your social media activities?

Instead, would you like to get your employees up to speed on the latest social media best practises? We’ll pull together the right workshop materials for your needs, using our countless case studies as a basis. Our team works for a wide variety of industries, which means you get to benefit from our wealth of experience.

Today, users in the world of the social web decide which trends they like. Never before have users been able to decide on the success or failure of a brand so fast, as with social media. Get your employees up to speed and ensure you’re maximising social media as a profitable measure for your business. In our workshops, you’ll learn everything about social media marketing, social media advertising and social media reporting.

How do Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube actually work? What factors differentiate them from one another? Maybe the added value of individual channels is not clear to you yet…

We offer social media seminars and workshops in our Munich office, but we can travel to where you are too!


Seminar topics in detail

Social Media World: Introducing a new online world

Fans & Followers:  What should you bear in mind?

Social Media Monitoring: All the tips & tricks

Social Media Marketing: Development of goals & strategies 

Social Media Skills: Functions of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter
Social Media Ads: Step your Facebook & Instagram advertising up a gear

News and trends

The best free online tools


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