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TikTok Marketing

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TikTok marketing Agency

Have you ever heard of TikTok?
If you’ve never heard of TikTok , you should be careful now.

The video platform TikTok is one of the most successful apps worldwide and, along with Facebook and WhatsApp , is one of the most loaded apps ever.

But: What makes the portal so successful and how can companies successfully use TikTok ? We tell you and help you with all steps of TikTok Marketing .

Tik Toks are small videos with a length of 15 to 30 seconds. Originally, TikTok was about playback-like singing of well-known chart songs. All TikTok videos can be edited and embellished with numerous effects, sound and filters. Meanwhile, storytelling also works about small stories in comedy format.

TikTok users are 54% female and 46% male. With 6.5 billion views a month, TikTok has achieved a high level of relevance in Germany, and the app is also being used to reach an aging audience.

The key to successful TikTok marketing is to recognize the target group of TikTok and use it correctly. The most important thing is to deal with the platform itself and with the target group in order to adapt the content to their interests and needs.

TikTok marketing Agency

our team will advise you.

How does TIKTOK work

What should I do?
Videos, challenges and hashtags are particularly popular with TikTok, the content of which shows a possible creative mix. Challenges can create masses of user-generated content through the TikTok community.

The hashtags also ask: the users to produce their own suitable videos. Working with influencers at TikTok can be very effective here very quickly.

As an agency, we already have a great case in stock. Together with Constantin Entertainment, we used the live broadcast of Chris Tall’s show “may he do that”, the platform for the interactive exchange with the fan base. Thus, the young target group could also be addressed appropriately.

Advice, ideas, implementation and production. We help you in all steps of TikTok Marketing and also have direct contacts at TIKTOK.
If you would like to place advertising on TikTok, we will show you how you can place your advertising message perfectly.


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