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Not sure how to evolve your social media communications? Is Facebook an endless struggle for you? Let us advise you. We’ll show you how valuable an engaging Facebook presence be for your business..
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Facebook Business Pages

We’ll help you get the necessary reach, and above all the right target group. Here’s a few little tips to get you started:

1. Analyse

First of all, conduct an internal analysis. What goals do you want to achieve from social media communication via Facebook? Consider whether your target audience may also be interested in Facebook news from your company.

2. Strategise

Develop a suitable strategy. Create a content plan to clarify what content should be posted, and when. Think about how many posts you want to publish, and over what time period.

3. Plan

You’re ready to start your Facebook Business Page. Now you need to find a suitable name for your Page (many companies simply use their official company name). It’s important that you provide all relevant company information – and make use of the Timeline feature to show your own company history.

4. Manage

The ideas and content that you put together in your strategy brainstorming can now be brought to life. Prepare carefully! Think about how you’ll deal with any negative posts from fans – it’s always good to have an “emergency plan” should such a situation arise. It’s really important to respond to the requests and comments of your fans – interaction is key!

5. Create

Facebook offers a wide variety of presentation options. Let your creativity run wild here. In addition to photos and videos, Canvas ads and gifs offer a diverse way of engaging with your community.

6. Legal Considerations

The choice for name for your Facebook Page is an important criteria. Avoid violations of infringing on foreign brand names or trademarked companies.

7. Authenticate

Use your Facebook Page to bring your clients up-to-date with regards to your latest company information. Additionally, seek to have your Page verified by Facebook – this brings another welcome trust factor to users.


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